More serious hikers may want to set out on a multi-day trek. Two of our founders are experts on trekking in Ladakh. We’ve laid out the basis for a network of treks that all converge at our lodges. From an easy three day trek to a strenuous near-expedition adventure into the border lands of Tibet, it is all possible.

And the best news is: both lodges can be reached on a 5-8 day trek from Leh, the capital of Ladakh. These treks will take you along trails that hardly anybody knows.

Horse riding

From the second half of summer 2015 onwards, we hope to offer horse rides and treks as well. The lodge is situated in the broad valley of the Shyok, which is very well suited for day rides. Also, we will offer a 4-5 day treks form the eastern to the western part of Nubra, riding along the river.

Even more spectacular are the rides that can be done form the eastern lodge into the Tibetan borderlands of Rupshu and Changtang. This is essentially a high mountain plateau with relatively gentle slopes but stark landscapes and breath-taking views over cobalt-blue lakes. The horse treks we offer here easily rank among the most spectacular in the world.  


Canoeing swift mountain rivers is generally best done downstream. We will do the same, allowing the swift waters of the Shyok River to carry us to Hundar, near Deskit in lower Nubra. This is a distance of approximately 130 km, which can be covered in two or three days.

After reaching Hundar you can explore the Nubra Valley by car before returning to Leh, or stretch your legs for five to seven days on a trek that leads back to the Indus Valley in Ladakh proper.




Both lodges offer ample opportunities for long and short walks. Though we have charted a number of walks that will keep you busy for a number of days, we’re still exploring the area for more, new walks. Some of the trails will take you through gorgeous ravines on millennia-old caravan roads, others lead to hidden little monasteries that won’t be found in any guide book. All these walks are part of the ‘tour packages’ that we offer, if you want and when you want.

Photography tours & courses

Ladakh in general, and certainly the area where our lodges are situated - Shyok, Nubra and Rupshu - are as picturesque as it gets. That is if you are interested in: the colorful, mesmerizing and multi-faceted art expressions of Tibetan Buddhism, or the friendly, charming and endearing faces that radiate the inner peace and contentedness of hard working mountain people, or stark colorful barren mountains that seem to have been drawn by an artist. Or at least in deep emerald green oases that stand out like islands of life amidst the yellow, orange or purple mountains, surrounded with white-washed farm houses. Then you’ve found your next year’s photo-destination. Besides, it has lots to offer for wildlife photographers.

One of our founders is avid photographer himself. His photos have been published widely and he is not new to organising and conducting photography tours in the Himalayas.

We offer photo tours that operate from Shyok River Lodge as a base or tours that take you along different places in the Indian Himalayas, starting from Delhi, Shimla, Chandigarh or Amritsar and then taking you overland to Ladakh. Needless to say, in the latter case you’ll spend a couple of days at SRL.